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Cellulose Sponges

A cellulose sponge is a sponge that can absorb a great deal of liquids into it without creating messy spills or over-fills. These sponges and sponge cloths are highly absorbent, mostly resist chemicals, and have a polyester base, making them biodegradable and very good for transporting/transferring liquids, or for cleaning liquids up after a spill.



Of course, there are different kinds of sponges out there, but real cellulose sponges will usually hold over twenty times their own weight in liquids! This makes them the perfect tool for any surface where you might encounter water problems, be it on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, in the sink, or even on the floor. In fact, many mop heads are made from cellulose sponge, and they are usually disposable, making clean-ups a breeze! 

 cellulose sponge

 cleaning cellulose sponge

 cellulose sponges

If you are thinking about buying a sponge, or a pack of sponges or sponge cloths, here are some reasons as to why you should consider buying cellulose sponges. Yes, most sponges are made of this incredible porous material, but not all of them!

If you want to get the right kind, make sure that it is made with a polyester base, that it is mostly chemical resistant, and that it is as absorbent as it needs to be. Once you have figured out all of these things, you should know that the sponge you are buying is a cellulose sponge. Cellulose sponges are better, mostly because they so much more functional.


 cellulose sponge cloth

 cleaning cellulose sponges

 cellulose sponge cloth

Have you ever bought a sponge, got it home, and wondered why it wouldn’t hold any water at all? Well, here is a secret for you. Cellulose sponges are made to hold up to twenty times their weight, but other sponges might not be able to! So if you want the maximum holding power, go for a cellulose sponge or cellulose sponge cloth, every time.

But, where can you buy these incredible cleaning supplies? Well, there are a number of different places where they are available. For one, you can get them at your local retail outlet or cleaning store. However, these places might be more on the expensive side. If you want really good deals, try ordering whole sets of cellulose sponges online. You can start with the options highlighted below, in association with Amazon.

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Websites can give you great deals if you buy an entire bag or box, so make sure to check prices on packages like this before buying individually. You can almost always get better deals if you buy more of these at a time. Individually, they are usually going to be more pricey.


But for the most part, just find a better price...and keep an eye on the brands you like. Sometimes, it is worth it to pay more for cellulose sponges to get the brand that you know you can trust.

You know, those household brands that you grew up with...well, they know their stuff. Anyone can make a cellulose sponge, but it doesn’t mean it will stand up next to the good ones! At any rate, a cellulose sponge is great for any kitchen, bathroom, or household in general.

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